Frequently asked questions

What are the main advantages of using a recruitment/Staffing company?

Recruitment agencies save you time, efforts & cost. They will simply send you candidates for interview, rather than you having to sift through CVs. As they have a database of many people looking for work, they can often find potential candidates very quickly. Recruitment agencies can also arrange for applicants to sit tests devised by you before sending them for interview, helping ensure you get the right caliber of candidates.

Are they different types of recruitment agencies?

There are many different types of recruitment agencies. Some are general and have candidates for employment in many different fields, and others are more specialized.

What should I do if I have a vacancy?

Telephone or email us to discuss your vacancy. Our tried and tested recruitment methods will help you find the right person for the role – quickly and with minimum disruption to your business.

Do you provide your services inside Egypt only?

No, Staff Arabia operates locally and over the MENA region. We also handle international recruitment assignments to source talents wherever located.

How do you source candidates?

With our reputation and 17 years of experience in the region we have many search methods to source and locate the suitable talent needed , such as ;

  • Database search - Using your employment criteria, we conduct a detailed candidate search using our personalized& vast database software. All results are screened by our consultants who are experts in their field. The short-list they produce can be available within hours/days of us receiving your brief, giving you a dynamic and responsive service.
  • Advertising –Social Media advertising is one of the best ways of attracting candidates with specialist skills or specific experience. We deal with all aspects of the advertising campaign, from identifying the right media outlets to copywriting and placing the advert. We screen all the responses we receive and present you with a short-list of candidates matching your criteria.

How do you screen & select your candidates?

The Screening and Selection of potential candidates is done through four steps, Phone interview, Preliminary interview [Face to Face], Analysis interview with our professional interviewers and Psychometric Tests when needed.

Can you provide temporary staff as well as permanent staff?

Yes, we provide temporary and interim staff also for short & long terms projects on permanent & deputation bases , this can cover all functions such as HR, PA/Administration, Marketing , Finance, engineering & technical roles at all levels.

What kind of information would you need to proceed?

After receiving the initial request or contact, a client requisition form will be sent to filled with needed information, but mainly we will require the following information :
  • Vacant positions
  • Job Description or Job Brief
  • Profile or employer/client
  • Salaries & Benefits
  • Job Locations
  • Nationalities & Visa availability ( For Overseas Recruitment )

What are your fees, terms & conditions?

Please feel free to send us your requirements and will be happy to send you our standard draft agreement according to the nature of service required.