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Why do you think resumes rejected? Resume Tips

Why do you think resumes rejected? Resume Tips Recruiters spend an average of 10 seconds reviewing a resume before they....

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7 tips in your first day at new job

You spent ten years with one company. Now you've switched to a new organization and possibly a new career. Your challenge is not o....

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5 Mistakes to avoid when negotiating your salary

Salary negotiations can be tough even for the most seasoned professionals. After all, no one wants to blow the job ....

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How to write a professional E-mail In English

How to write a professional E-mail In English For most of us, email is the most common form of business communication so it&rsquo....

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Staff Arabia Celebrates the 19th Anniversary

Last week, Staff Arabia celebrated 19 years of operations in Staffing and Recruiting consultancy with outstanding achievements in ....

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10 Things You Should Never Include in your Resume

  Learn what to avoid including in your resume for job search success. Preparing a resume can be difficult to do. Even if....

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The five most annoying things you can do in an email

  Life without email would be terrible. How would we work? Keep in touch with far-flung friends? Find that latest link to ....

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New Year .... New Goals

It is that time of year again!   A time of year when people make their declarations to change something they are doing....

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