RSS ('Really Simple Syndication' or 'Rich Site Summary') feeds let you read web content without visiting a website. They are also called 'news feeds', 'web feeds' or just plain 'feeds'.

We provide these RSS feeds:

Using RSS feeds

The first thing you need to start using RSS feeds is a 'feed reader', a piece of software that lets you read website updates.

There are different types of feed readers. Some work in your web browser, others need to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Your feed reader will provide instructions on how to subscribe to RSS feeds. Common ways to subscribe to feeds include:

  1. Clicking on the RSS icon that displays in your web browser address bar when a page has a feed available. Save the feed to your bookmarks or favourites.
  2. Clicking on an RSS icon on a page. Copy and paste the URL from your browser address bar to your feed reader.

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