All You Need To Know About Employer of Record (EOR)

All You Need To Know About Employer of Record (EOR)

What is meant by EOR?

An EOR is a business that assists you in hiring people abroad by serving as the local employer on your behalf. Your EOR will often handle administrative tasks related to human resources, such as local payroll, benefits management, and tax compliance. Without having to go through the costly and challenging process of setting up your own legal entities in various countries, you can swiftly and securely hire and pay employees all around the world with the help of a trustworthy EOR partner.     



When EOR can be used?

For the reasons listed below, international firms employ EOR:

- When immediate resource deployment is necessary

- When entering new markets. to do market research before placing a long-term    wager and forming a legal organization

- To control compliance and legal risk

- When a multinational company anticipates just briefly entering a market.


What EOR services do we offer?

- Hiring and Recruitment

- Employee Registration & Deregistration
- Salary Benchmarking
- Payroll and Payments
- Income tax Payments & Calculation
- Employee Benefits
- Terminations


What makes an EOR different from a PEO?

Although some individuals use these phrases to refer to international payroll providers, a professional employer organization (PEO) is fundamentally distinct from an EOR. From the exterior, they may resemble one another greatly. They both manage HR-related activities including worldwide payroll, benefits, withholding, and reporting.

- But there are a few significant variations such as:

- To use a PEO, you must have a local legal entity in the nation.

- Co-employment is required when working with a PEO, but not when working with an EOR.

- With a PEO, you are ultimately responsible for adhering to regional labour regulations.


Does an EOR Provider Manage Payroll?

Yes, your global employees' payroll is handled by an employer of record. Your EOR manages all aspects of employee payroll, including withholding taxes, necessary social contributions, and payments for perks like private health insurance. EORs oversee benefits administration, local tax preparation, and compliance in addition to payroll.


What are the benefits of using an EOR?

The use of an EOR has several advantages. These advantages save costs, lower risks, and streamline HR. Businesses with dispersed teams might benefit greatly from working with an EOR. Using an EOR has certain advantages, such as:

- No local legal organization must be established in order to hire personnel from abroad.

- Local authorities on tax legislation and procedures

- Deep knowledge of local statutory benefits

- Quick onboarding of new employees

- Protection of intellectual property

- Reduction in classification risks

- Boost your objectives towards worldwide growth with minimal risk


How Staff Arabia can help you?

If you are willing to expand in Egypt, Staff Arabia will help you to do so. We provide complete employer of record services and we support clients in recruitment , employee onboardign payroll management, handling tax withholding and reporting, establishing and maintaining locally acceptable benefits packages are all part of Staff Arabia's EOR offerings.


Why Staff Arabia is the IDEAL EOR Partner?

- 20 years of Successful Experience & Accomplishments in the MENA region

- We help you get to market faster, go global faster, and get your business started quickly.

- We ensure that your international work force complies with local one.

- If you want to easily test new markets, we are the best solution.

- We provideoutsourcingsolutionsandongoinghumanresourcemanagement.

- We offer ongoing support and a dedicated specialist.

- We provide a comprehensive solution to help you reduce your global expansion cost


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