Egypt Government approves Work-From-Home Trial

Egypt Government approves Work-From-Home Trial

The Egyptian government has launched a six-month trial of a work-from-home policy for government employees. Although most employees will work remotely, they may be required to come into the office for some department according to the cabinet statement. The trial will include employees from the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Central Agency for Organisation and Administration.

The council of ministers formed a committee to evaluate the viability of a WFH strategy for government workers following several recommendations to decide whether the policy should be implemented across government bodies based on the trial's findings.

The government previously issued a directive in May 2020 that allowed ministries to permit employees to WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic, which ended the following year. However, a study by the International Labour Organisation in 2021 found that only one-fifth of government employees felt that working from home was feasible.

The trial of the WFH for government employees is a significant step towards modernizing Egypt's public sector and improving work-life balance for civil servants. If the trial is successful, it could have far-reaching implications for the country's economy and its workforce, paving the way for more flexible working arrangements in the future.


Source: Egypt Business